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   March 4, 2014

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  By BETTY JONES, FLORIDA on March 4, 2014
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 Wine Glasses
Wine Glasses

Wine glass es are specially designed ones for drinking and tasting wines. It is a type of glass stemware. It is essential to select the right type of wine glass for different types of wines. This is very important since the shape and color of the glass can affect the taste of the glasses

The wine glasses should be transparent and plain. The glass has three parts they are bowl, stem and foot. The wine glass should be made of glass and crystal. The wine glass should be carefully designed taking the key aspects of the wine to the tongue and nose.

Choosing the right kind of wine glass is also important and in the same way holding the wine glass also is very important. The wine glass should be hold in the stem so that the temperature of the body does not affect the flavor of the wine in the glass. Holding the wine by the bowl will leave your fingerprints which can affect the visual appearance of the wine if examined for clarity and color.
Wine glass materials

Wine glass are made up of cut, fused, blown, crystal and lead glasses. Though wine glasses can be made from different glass materials glasses prepared from lead crystals are the best because of its high refractive index. And in general wine glasses should be made from the crystal clear and frosted glasses. Mostly colored glass should be avoided in preparing wine glasses since they might disturb seeing the wine color through the glass.

Making wine glass with the lead crystals has many advantages. They are aesthetic have higher refractive index, change the effect of light passing to them, and they are also heavier.

different shapes of wine glassesWine glass shape is also an important factor that affects the flavor and taste of the wine. The shape of the glass depends on the type of wine they are used for. The best shape of the wine directs the wine directly to the best area in the mouth from the glass. In general the opening of the wine glass should not be wider than the widest part of the bowl. The rim of the glass should be thin.

The minimum size of the wine glass should have the capacity to hold at least four ounces. But the all-purpose glass must be able to hold twice the amount. But in recent years the size of the wine glasses has increases to decrease the no of servings but the extra space in the wine allows the air space to trap the wine aroma.
Types of wine glasses wine glasses

Like the shape and size of the glass the type of glass you are choosing to serve the wine is very important. Each type of wine has its own wine glass in which it can be served. The different types of wine glasses are used to taste the wine with its excellent and actual aroma and flavor.
In general the wine glasses are classified into four types. They are:

White wine glasses - the glass should be shaped like a tulip
Red wine glasses - the glass should be round with large bowl
Sparkling wine glasses - the glass should be tall and thin
Dessert wine glasses - the glass should be smaller directing to the back of the mouth.

Besides these there are also other types of wine glasses in the modern world. They are:

Crystal wine glasses
Stemless wine glasses
Etched wine glasses.
Ice glasses


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