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  By GEORGE TAYLOR, WISCONSIN on March 20, 2014
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 Wine Clubs
Wine Clubs

Wine Clubs are a unique way to explore a variety of exceptional wines with the convenience of door-to-door shipping. Wine clubs are sure to expand your wine horizons by introducing you to new wine varietals, regions and producers. They are a fast track to ramping up your wine knowledge and honing your tasting skills via wine club newsletters, producer insights and specific wine club focus points. There are wine clubs geared for a variety of wine enthusiasts: Red Wine Clubs, White Wine Clubs, International Wine Clubs, Champagne Wine Clubs and the list goes on.

Top Wine Club Recommendations offers three solid wine club adventures for $30-$70/month. From the entry-level, "Discovery Tour Wine Club" to the "Wines of the World" membership all the way to the prestigious "90 Point Rated Wine Club" - you are sure to find a club to fit the bill Their wine club options will wow you with an ongoing assortment of tip top red and white wines. As a wine club member you will also be eligible to receive substantial wine purchase discounts and will receive their newsy and informative e-newsletter, "The Virtual Vine." Tasting tips, food pairing ideas, phenomenal recipes and distinctive tasting notes all accompany each and every shipment.

The International Wine of the Month Club brings two wines a month (reds, whites, or a combination of both) to you door with a user-friendly newsletter that highlights key wine education pieces like winemaker profiles, the wine`s regional info., tasting notes, food pairing suggestions and full recipes to bring out the best in the month`s wine selections. Scouting solid wine finds from Chile to Bordeaux and New Zealand to Italy, this is one of the few wine clubs that will allow potential club members to take a peek at their past wine picks for the last 14 years! I love the wine-themed transparency and undeniable pride in their topnotch wine picks along with the variety of style and impressive array of regions and countries that this particular wine club offers its members. There are three wine club tiers to consider, ranging in price from $30/month to $65/month, depending on budgets and buying strategies. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 100% satisfaction guarantee for their club members, this is one wine club that is willing to go the distance to make sure their members enjoy each and every sip, each and every month. is a relative newcomer to the wine club arena, offering eight stellar wine club options intended to meet and exceed the needs of oenophiles the world over. By targeting a wide variety of specific wine niches - from clubs focused on Italy and Bourdeaux to Texas wines and Organic wines and expanding out to the ever popular “Free Shipping" and beyond, club members have the opportunity to really hone in on their particular wine interests each and every month. Promising to over deliver in every shipment with a keen eye on vintage quality and a working knowledge of when and where to find good wines, is a top site for finding award winning wines. They feature exceptional wine club options, with an emphasis on choice - you pick red wines, white wines, or a healthy combination of the two along with various options for shipping and club focus. Price: $40-160

4 Seasons Wine Club - I love the concept of 4 Seasons Wine Club - it`s a case of wine every season, geared specifically to the fresh, lively foods of summer or the heartier, flavorful foods of fall. Wine club members choose whether they would like all red wines, all whites or a mixed case each quarter. I appreciate that 4 Seasons Wine Club prioritizes education with each and every shipment, giving food pairing recommendations and filling in with each wine`s story, while offering incredible value per bottle. If you typically consume a bottle of wine per week, then these shipments will just about cover you for the year and introduce you to wines from all over the world, ranging from boutique wineries to mainstream quality-driven producers. Price: $130

Wine of the Month Club - This is a solid option for entering the wine club membership circle. You can count on two bottles of wine from around the globe, from Portugal to Rioja and Tuscany to Bordeaux with bids from South Africa and Argentina also making the mix. This club offers a fun and educational way to force yourself out of regional wine ruts each and every month. The price for three months rocks and the shipping is already included. Price: $33+

The Wall Street Journal Discovery Club - The Wall Street Journal has partnered with Laithwaites to deliver a well rounded wine club offering, based on quality, well-received wines from around the world. The WSJ has created a popular wine club option that seems to be gaining even more momentum. Their introductory rate of $69.99 for 12 bottles of red rocks. Like many of the wine clubs you can choose all reds, all whites or a mixed shipment of both.

Wine Clubs with a Focus on Boutique Wineries

The California Wine Club- Receive 2 or 4 bottle shipments on a monthly basis from one of three memberships options. These options range from value-priced boutique winery selections to luxury-priced, gems and a hand-picked International series with direct imports at competitive prices. Also included is a 12-page full-color informational newsletter comes with all orders. Price: $45, $70 or $135

Gold Medal Wine Club- Four membership options featuring California`s boutique wineries ranging from quality wines to luxury wines and an International selection as well. Overall, this wine club offers the flexibility, quality and convenience that consumers are seeking in a wine of the month club membership experience. Price: Cost ranges from $30-180 per month.

Red Wine Clubs

California Reds Wine Club As the name implies, this wine club specializes in delivering red wines to your doorstep every month. You may choose from 2-3 bottle deliveries from select California wineries or go the international route and enjoy new red wines from abroad. Price: ranges from $39-95 per month.

K&L Wine Clubs offer three unique tiers of wine clubs. The first is a Best Buy Wine Club, providing a budget-friendly wine club with an eye on both value and quality. The Premium Wine Club, is just that - premium wines both red and white delivered to your door each month. The Signature Red Collection is the club for red wine lovers the world over! This club sets its sights on high quality, wines of prestige and character - two red wines from around the globe make their debut on your doorstep each month. Price: $50 per month.

White Wine Clubs

Solo Bianco - White Wine Club- Again as the name implies, this wine club specializes in delivering white wines to your doorstep each and every month. Two bottles of white wines ranging from reserve Chardonnays to delightful dessert wines will arrive for your tasting pleasure via the Solo Bianco Wine Club. Price: is $38 per month.

Cellar`s Wine Club may be one of the best value wine clubs around. They also offer complete flexibility in wine preference/choice. You may select all white wines, all red wines or a combination shipment each month. Price: is $30 or $50 per month.

Winery Wine Clubs

Another viable option for wine clubs is going through a specific winery. If you have consistently enjoyed wines from a specific winery, then a winery wine club might be the way to go. Case in point, Etude puts out a beautiful selection of Pinot Noir, many of which you can only get if you are a member of their wine club.

Wine clubs are a great way to break out of a routine "wine box." If you know you like Cab from a certain handful of California vintners, then you`re likely to keep buying the same wines over and over again and may be missing out on Oregon Pinots or a great Rhone blend from either the northern Rhone or Paso Robles. So, a wine club that is focused on “reds” will typically get members to go outside of their normal buying routine and gently "force" them to try new wines from different grapes, regions and countries – a huge plus in my book.


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